Packaging & Branding

Odessa Chocolate Company

The objective of this project was to design branding and packaging for a fictional food company of my choosing. The process included a lot of research on different types of packaging and competitors. My product was inspired by a small city on the Black Sea in Ukraine called Odessa. The city is full of beautiful cathedrals which inspired the patterns, logo, and packaging box.

During the sketching and research phase I considered all my options for labeling and pattern ideas. I then created my labels based on my research of the cathedrals in Odessa and created a story for the brand that would represent the identity of my packaging. I really wanted this packaging to feel like a nice gift your can give or receive that would bring you to the Eastern European town of Odessa. I wanted the packaging to feel accessible and minimal so it does not feel like a big brand but more personal and handled with care.