Love Shouldn't Hurt

The objective of this project was to create empathetic Informational posters surrounding the topic of homelessness. The process to get to the final poster was rigorous. The first half of the quarter was spent doing research and sketching. The last half of the quarter was spent creating dashboard-infographics, our final posters, and a video based on the final poster. All in all, this project was tough but taught me a lot about how different information design is from other types of design and I also learned more about myself and my design process.



The research process of this project was to develop a purpose statement, interview/conduct surveys, and to create audience profiles. This process began after my research group decided what topic we want to focus on amongst homelessness. The topic we chose to focus on was Domestic Violence. Then we began our research. 

Our purpose statement: To educate others on the topic of domestic violence and how a lack of resources and opportunities for the victims can result in homelessness; thus developing empathy within the audience.

Once the researching began, we compiled all the "good" statistics and literary articles into one shared document. At this point into researching I thought I was done and ready to design some nice and clean visuals. Little did I know I was not done yet.


I quickly jumped into the sketching phase thinking "I need some clever icons". I created pages upon pages of icons and visual language that I thought would fit the theme. This part of the process was really fun for me because I was entering a new topic that I wasn't too familiar with at the time. I loved letting my mind wander and explore different ways to show the same thing. At this point in the process I was also very eager to get into illustrator and see what I can do!


After the sketching process, I created iPad Dashboards on my topic. Thinking back, these were so much fun to create and I really wanted to spend time on them to make them look nice. At this point I might have not thought about the design process when it comes to Information design, But I was really excited to use my research and create something cool!

After finishing my dashboards I realized that they were missing a lot of key points that good information design must have. It was missing a narrative, empathy, and connecting data. After learning this I then started my design process for the final posters.

The narrative I chose to use for my final poster was of a love bird who ends up suffering. This is connected to a domestic violence victim. I chose to do a bird because I thought it would make for an interesting narrative that people are initially drawn to. The two part poster series begins with the story of how the victim is abused and then becoming homeless. The second poster highlights the reasons why so many people are homeless and how we can help make it stop. 

This part of the process was very challenging because I often times found myself torn between my narrative and my information. When I thought I was done researching in the beginning of this project I now realized that my data was not connecting and I needed to dig deeper. In the end I think I found a balance between the two, but can definitely push it further and think of different ways to approach this project.


After completing the posters it was time to move into the motion graphic that showcases all my info and visual language. Since I had a bird as my main character in the posters, I wanted to animate that in the motion and use it to keep the narrative going. I found that the video showcased my narrative really well and I was pleased with it.